About Roni Mattera

Roni's Healing Massage

In addition to being a massage therapist, for the past 5 years, Roni has been studying Ba Gua Zhang Kung Fu and Qi Gong at Strong Mountain Kung Fu School.  The path she took to lead her to energy work, which she incorporates into her massages, is one that might sound familiar to you.
For years, Roni had a chronic cough.  It was never productive, just a nagging irritation that caused her to cough every several minutes.  In addition, she had a leg injury.  When she went to see her doctor, she was prescribed a laundry list of medications, all with undesirable side effects.  Fed up with what she felt was over medicating, Roni sought the help of a physical therapist.  

The therapist she chose incorportated some Eastern medicine into his practice and put her in touch with the school that is now Strong Mountain Kung Fu.  She began taking classes in Qi Gong, a part of Chinese medicine which incorporates the basic principles of the five elements and the 12 meridian.  This Eastern understanding of the human body takes a more holistic view of healing and health.

As a result of her dedication and pursuit of a holistic and total method of treating her medical ailments, Roni no longer suffers from pain in her leg nor does she cough regularly.  She has more energy than she ever had before.

Inspired by the huge difference it has made in her life, she decided to become a massage therapist so she can offer the benefits she has received from theraputic massage and energy medicine to others who are in similar situations as the one she once stuggled with. 

For more about Qi Gong and Bagua Zhang Kung Fu please see our web site www.KungFuVa.com.